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Model rockets have become more popular in recent years and have shown to be a growing market. In this article, we will provide information on some of the most popular blogs with a focus on model rockets, their suppliers, leagues, and advice on building and using the rockets.

The UK Youth Rocketry Challenge

This challenge ( provides ways to engage the next generation of engineers with experience in building and executing complex builds and missions. They strive to provide ways to learn maths and science. Winners from their competition can stand a chance to compete against teams in France, the USA, and Japan with international finals.


RocketReviews specialise in reviewing kits and model rockets. They present almost 5000 review articles on kits and products on their blog. The reviews have a focus on low-power rockets to high-power rocket motors, and they are written by visitors and readers of the blog. You can also share videos of your rocket flights and the builds you create.

Rocket lab delta

This is one of the most popular blogs for rocketry resources. The blog aims to assist old and new rocketry enthusiasts and provide help on design, construction, finishing, and electronics used on model rockets. They provide many articles on motor research and other informative resources to learn even more.

Thrust Curve

With this blog, you can find manufacturer specs on rocket motors, certified performance data, and more. They also provide options to download thrust curves for use with rocket flight simulators. It is a must-read blog for individuals with interest in low and high-power rocket motors.


For many, this is where rocketry started. The purpose of the blog is to develop a rocketry presence to motivate students to carry out research and development. It also exists to help with student recruitment.

They have progressed in recent years from small-scale model rockets to high-power rocketry and have built many rockets.

United Kingdom Rocketry Association

The United Kingdom Rocketry Association promotes and represents high and medium-power model rocketry in the United Kingdom. Their points of interest involve providing amateurs with research, educational and recreational activities. They stand as the technical body of the BMFA.

By visiting these blogs frequently, you will be up to date on the news about rocketry and model rockets.