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Rockets and Things strive to provide relevant and trustworthy information on everything about model rockets, where to reach the suppliers, tips, and techniques on building and using the rockets.

Throughout the UK and globally, there are many leagues in the model rocket industry providing fun events for lovers of the hobby to showcase their new designs.

On this magazine site, you can read many articles and visit often to stay up to date on new developments in the industry and advice on building rockets and using them.

Model Rockets

Model Rockets are small rockets designed to reach a low altitude of up to 195 metres and be recovered again in many different ways. These rockets are made from paper, wood, and plastic. In this magazine, you can read about how to get involved in the hobby and how popular it has become in the international market.

Rocketry Suppliers

Many different lightweight materials are used in building model rockets. We write many articles on where to buy the materials needed and how to organise and understand what you would need for your first build. Visit rockets-things.co.uk to find out more about rocketry suppliers throughout the UK.

Techniques and Tips

As model rockets have only become a popular hobby recently, there are not many resources online or books to follow on the usage of them or how to build them. By visiting this magazine frequently, one can learn much about the different techniques and get tips on how-to guides.

Rockets and Things

Rockets and Things provide articles on the subject of model rockets, the usage thereof, leagues, and suppliers throughout the UK.